Poetry + AI = ART
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( meta ) VERSES

Poetry on the mirror of AI

Poetry on the mirror

In the foreground, the poem appears at the rhythm of the poet's reading and the AI ​​interacts with the image captured by the device's camera.

Structured human, random AI

Structured Human Random AI

The main program feeds the AI ​​with words from the poem and the AI ​​predicts the next words.

The AI tree

The AI tree

Each branch of the tree represents a weight of each word, which is given according to the interpretation of the AI.



Exploring how AI connect the Poem Words .



This experiment seeks to represent the superposition of the ideas between human and his digital tween, and how the final concept preserves the value to transmit.

Interact with the AI

Write a title and the digital twin poet will generate a poem.

loading AI brain

loading AI

The poet


Marcos de la Fuente

Building my digital twin

The digital version of human thinking and feeling (the digital twin) is fed with all the work of the poet Marcos de la Fuente, also includ texts from authors who have influenced his writing. Thus, the machine (the AI) learns and creates this digital twin that, thanks to growing graphic technology, can interpret and generate the visual part of the poetic work, either in real time from the live work of the poet - recognizing his voice or his image -, or from the Proposals for words and verses written by the people who interact in the associated website, and that will be completed with the poetic style defined by the network neuronal of the poet. A poetic digital self that will evolve in successive Poetry proposals 3.1, 3.2 and etc.


Mariel Martinez

Coding developer

Experimenting with AI to enrich the creation of the poet.


Ismael Faro

AI Advisor

Distinguished Engineer at IBM.